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Code Enforcement

Q:  How do I contact Code Enforcement?

A:  Code Enforcement Office, (863) 534-6054

Q:  Does my property have an outstanding or current Code Enforcement Case or Lien?

A:  To find out, fill out and submit the  ico_pdf Code Enforcment Research Reqeust.  

Q:  Where do I find the ordinances that are commonly in violation on properties?

 A:  Polk County Land Development Code, Chapter 2. (Note: Property may be located in an area that is governed by a more restrictive ordinance or code in which case it is the more restrictive code or ordinance that must be followed.)

Q:  When is property considered overgrown?

A:  Any lot (one acre or less in size) that has been cleared in the past, but which has been allowed to grow up with weeds, underbrush, or other uncultivated vegetation exceeding 12 inches for improved lots and 18 inches for unimproved lots.  Lots larger than one acre must maintain a 200 foot perimeter from any structure suitable for human occupancy (18 inches in height requirement applies).

Q:  What is the difference between Distressed or Abandoned Vehicles?

A:  Distressed vehicle is one in a state of disrepair that is incapable of being moved under its own power.
Abandoned vehicle is one which does not have a current license plate or registration.

Q:  How often can someone have a garage sale/yard sale?

A:  Four times a calendar year (limited to one sale every three months) with a limit of three days per time, per parcel.

Q:  Are commercial vehicles allowed to park in residential areas?

A:  Parking, storing or keeping a commercial vehicle on any lot or parcel within a residential district is prohibited, except in accordance with requirements listed in the Land Development CodeSection 216.

Q:  Does my above ground pool need a pool barrier?

A:  Any swimming pool more than 24 inches in depth, as measured between the lowest portion of the floor of the pool and the maximum possible water level, shall be entirely enclosed by a safety barrier of not less than four feet in height.

Q:  Do I need a permit to . . .?

A:  All structures require permits.

Q:  Are race cars considered distressed/abandoned vehicles?

A:  Race cars may be parked on residential lots or parcels provided criteria outlined in the Land Development CodeSection 218, are met.

Q:  Are my neighbors allowed to have farm animals?

A:  Only if animals are housed and fed a minimum of 50 feet from property line.

Q:  Do I have to have a License in Polk County to open a Pain Managment Clinic?

A:  Yes.  Please see the Pain Management Clinic Ordinance 10-068  then fill out the  Pain Management Clinic License Application

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