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Digital Plan Room Overview

Polk County Office of Planning and Development is pleased to offer electronic plan submission and review through the Digital Plan Room. This product will allow for digital signature validation when customers upload their digital plans and will also provide an easier way for customers to respond to identified issues from plans reviewers. The Digital Plan Room will be integrated with the Accela Citizen Access portal which allows 24-7 access to submissions.

Key Features:

  • Easily submit plans, specifications, and other supporting documents electronically using drag and drop functionality
  • Automated sheet versioning utilized for processing and attaching plan pages to previously submitted versions
  • Access mark-ups and view comments or conditions documented by each reviewer
  • Quickly identify the status of the current review cycle
  • Final stamped PDF Plan sets available for download

Digital Signature Instructions

General Document Standards

There are a few document standards that we recommend for best uploading performance. Please follow these guidelines in your document design to ensure correct processing in the Plan Room.

  • All files must be in PDF file format other than boundary and topo surveys must be dwg
  • Maximum file size is 100MB
  • Do not use encrypted or password-protected files
  • All layers in the PDF will need to be flattened prior to digitally signing the PDF document, including seals, signatures, notations, etc.
  • Please do not combine any supporting documents in the same PDF file with any plan sheets
  • Supporting documents will need to be uploaded as separate files


  • A professional engineer or architect must leave a blank space on the top right hand corner of all construction plans to accommodate the county’s approval stamp
    • Building Division - 2-inch by 5-inch blank space on construction plans
    • Land Development - 2-inch by 2-inch blank space on construction plans
  • An Index of plan sheets shall be provided (table of contents when exporting/publishing to the PDF (ex. include “Create bookmarks”) setting in AutoCad. Include sheet titles within a table of contents when possible
  • All Plans and profiles shall be at appropriate scale of sufficient size to show all detail.
  • A title Block shall be shown on all sheets, and shall contain the following:
    1. Name of project
    2. Sheet number and total number of sheets
    3. Name, address and phone number of the responsible individual or professional
    4. Preparation date and date of any revisions
  • Plan shall be on one or more sheets 24 inches by 36 inches
  • Make sure sheet numbers are unique and consistent for each version of submitted plan pages
  • Any annotations in the PDF will be removed during the submission process. To avoid please flatten all layers (see below for tips on how to do this)
  • When submitting revisions, please do not resubmit the entire plan set, only upload the sheets containing changes from the previous submission

Supporting Documents:

  • You can submit supporting documents as individual files or as a single file with multiple pages
  • Document files may be oriented in either landscape or portrait view

Flattening PDF Layers

When submitting plans or completed PDF forms, please be sure to flatten all layers (seals, signatures, notations) in the PDF. Otherwise, those layers and fields will be eliminated and not visible for the reviewers.

The easiest way to flatten a PDF is to "Print to PDF." To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Open the PDF file
  • Select File
  • Select Print
  • From the drop-down menu of Printer options, select Adobe PDF
  • Click Print
  • Specify the location to save the printed, "flattened" version of the document or form
  • Select Save
  • Apply digital seal

Submitting Plans

Below are video tutorials to walk you through the process of uploading and submitting documents.

Review Comments – Issues and Conditions


Issues are items that will need to be addressed and fixed prior to plan approval. Once created, each open issue will require a brief response in the Plan Room prior to a new review cycle being available to submit revisions.


Conditions are items that may require action by the customer but do not need to be addressed prior to plan approval. Unlike issues, conditions do not require a response in the Plan Room. However, while the project is being inspected, conditions will need to be met before final approval can be granted.

 Accessing Issues and Conditions

Submitting Revisions

You only need to submit sheets containing revisions, not the entire plan package.

At the end of the plan review process, the Plan Room will automatically combine all approved versions of each sheet into one final, stamped PDF plan set.

 Submitting Revised Plans

Downloading Final Print Sets

Contact Us

Are you having difficulties accessing a permit record in Citizen Access, uploading plans, or receiving status alert emails? Your Citizen Access account may not be linked to the permit record in question. Please email the appropriate division below for access to the record in question.

Building Division

Phone: 863-534-6080

Land Development

Phone: 863-534-6449

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