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NE Polk County Roadway Advisory Committee

Established and appointed by the Polk County BoCC to advise the Board regarding the identification and prioritization of roadway infrastructure improvements in the unincorporated area of northeast Polk County.

Authorized as a standing committee by the BoCC in August of 2015. Adopted Resolution No. 15-094 on Aug. 18, 2015 to ratify and formalize this committee.

The Committee shall consist of nine standing members. Three members shall be County staff selected by the County Manager and six members shall be appointed by the Board, with Commissioner for District 4 appointing two members, and the other Board members appointing one each, provided appointed committee member has close civic or business ties to the Northeast Polk County area.

Of the members appointed by each member of the Board, the members initially appointed by the Commissioners from Districts One, Three and Five shall serve an initial three year term and members initially appointed by Commissioners from District Two and Four shall serve a two year term so that terms are staggered. Those serving three year terms may be re-appointed for up to, but no more than, one additional term at the discretion of the Board but may not serve more than six consecutive years. Those serving for two year terms may be re-appointed for up to, but no more than, two additional three year terms at the discretion of the Board but may not serve more than eight consecutive years. All members appointed by a Commissioner shall be subject to the approval of the Board. All members selected or appointed by the County Manager shall serve at the pleasure of the County Manager.

Meetings shall take place as deemed necessary by the County Manager or his/her designee.

Board Members

  • Mark E. Wilson, Commissioner District 1
  • Sam Johnson, Commissioner District 2
  • Vacant, Commissioner District 3
  • Cyndi Jantomaso, Commissioner District 4
  • Russel L. Mouton, Commissioner District 4
  • Mary Thompson, Commissioner District 5
  • Wade Allen, Polk County Right-of-Way and Real Estate
  • Ryan Kordek, Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)
  • Joe Montoya, Polk County Roads & Drainage Division

Meetings and Agendas

Jan. 21, 2020Jan. 21, 2020 Agenda

Contact Us

Roads & Drainage Division

Bill Skelton
Public Information Coordinator

Phone: (863) 534-2230