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Due to Hurricane Irma’s impacts on our county, Polk County’s inspection priorities are life/safety related inspections, inspections to restore power, and post-disaster damage assessment.  As a result, our ability to perform all other inspection requests is extremely limited.  As a result, we are implementing the following temporary measures:

  1.  If you require an inspection related to life/safety issues or electrical inspections for the purpose of restoring power, please do not schedule using the automated inspections line (IVR).  Instead, please call 863-534-6708.  Personnel are monitoring that phone line and retrieving messages to help expedite the scheduling of those inspections.
  2. If you need an in-progress or final re-roof, AC, window, door, or garage door inspection, please schedule the inspection using the IVR (863-534-6057) and submit an affidavit and pictures to so that our staff can determine if the inspection can be passed by way of affidavit.  Please ensure the pictures adequately reflect what an inspector needs to see to determine if compliant with code; for example, roof flashing.
  3. All other inspections can be scheduled through the IVR; however, due to recovery efforts; there may be substantial delays in performing requested inspections.

If you have an inspection that can wait for a few weeks, please delay scheduling it.  Our staff will work with you on permit extensions.

The Building Division will update this message when our operations return to normal.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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The Polk County Board of County Commissioners is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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