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Community Redevelopment Areas - Polk Commerce Centre

The Polk Commerce Centre CRA was a special area with a base year of 1993 for purposes of Tax Increment Financing. This area was planned through a Selected Area Plan (SAP) called the I-4 Northeast SAP. This SAP included Future Land Use districts as part of Polk County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code as well as policies and regulations. The Polk Commerce Centre CRA is a tool to assist with the implementation of the SAP as well as the Area Wide Development of Regional Impact that was established in 2000. The Redevelopment Plan for the CRA proposed transportation and utility improvements to increase access to the Polk Parkway as well as to spur development.

On March 19, 2019, by Ordinance 2019-014, the Polk County Board of County Commissioners deemed the original purpose of the Polk Commerce CRA has, in their opinion, been satisfied and was dissolved.

2019 Polk Commerce Centre Dissolvement Ordinance

Documents and Financial Reports

Governing Body

The Polk Commerce Center CRA Board was created to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slums and blight, to reduce or prevent crime, and to provide affordable housing, whether for rent or for sale, to residents of low or moderate income. That affordable housing may include slum clearance and redevelopment, or rehabilitation and revitalization of tourist areas that are deteriorating and economically distressed, and rehabilitation or conservation in the CRA area, or any combination or part thereof.