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Fire Rescue Services and Permits

A Polk County Fire Rescue fire prevention officer can help you determine the type of coverage most applicable for your event by calling (863) 519-7350.

Complete the Fire Rescue services request form to schedule bike team, honor guard, ambulance standby or fire watch services.

Bike Team

The Polk County Fire Rescue Bike Team was formed to provide emergency medical care in the most rapid manner at special events. The team members ride in pairs with one paramedic and one emergency medical technician.

Honor Guard

Polk County Fire Rescue's Honor Guard represents the department in rendering honors to firefighters killed in the line of duty. The Honor Guard also represents Fire Rescue at other local ceremonies and events such as parades, grand openings and flag presentation ceremonies.

Ambulance for Special Events

Polk County Fire Rescue provides two types of ambulance standby services:

  • Dedicated Stand-by Ambulance
    The Ambulance and its crew will be dedicated to the event. They will remain on scene for the duration of the event. There is a cost for this service and requires advanced booking and review by Fire Rescue staff for resourcing. Dedicated Stand-by Ambulance cost: $100/hour minimum 4 hours.
  • Non-Dedicated Stand-by Ambulance
    The ambulance and crew will be at the event but subject to normal emergency calls to the public. Every effort will be made to attend the event but their arrival and participation in the event may be limited. Ambulance must have easy and safe entry and exit ability to respond to emergency calls outside of the event perimeters. Non-dedicated Stand-by Ambulance cost: No charge. Event hours may be limited to 4 hours.

A Polk Fire Rescue event resource officer can help you determine the type of coverage most applicable to your event.

Fire Watch

Polk County Fire Rescue provides and in some cases, requires Fire Watch services for potentially hazardous conditions that could result in the ignition of a fire, injury to persons within a specified area and delayed notification of emergency services.

Situations needing established Fire Watch might include:

  • Fire suppression systems out-of-service more than four hours
  • Fire alarm systems out-of-service more than four hours
  • Places of assembly (structure or building) where fire suppression system/fire alarm systems are required but are not present.
  • Organized fireworks displays
  • Provide scene integrity after a fire for investigation
  • Crowd management control
Fire Watch Fee Schedule
Resource/NeedPurposeRate/TimeTotal Cost
Certified Fire Safety Inspector Prevention Watch, Inspection, Crowd Management $50/hour (4-Hour Minimum)$200 (Additional at the same hourly rate)
On-duty Fire Watch Crews Post-fire scene control, etc.No additional chargeIncorporated into personnel expenses of budget
Off-duty Fire Watch Crews Post-fire scene control, etc.Hourly Rate/personN/A

Public Convenience Application

This application is for either a new, initial requested Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN), or a renewal COPCN for a currently approved holder of an active COPCN to provide emergency medical care and/or transportation or nonemergency transportation within Polk County, Florida. Polk County, Florida reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant once this application is submitted.


Polk County Fire Rescue is responsible for granting permits for professional fireworks displays and the sale or distribution of sparklers. Please fill out the appropriate permit and submit it with the applicable documentation following the guidelines mentioned in the application.