Community Housing Development Organization

Federal HOME funds have a component called the Community Housing Development Organization, also known as the CHDO. At least 15 percent of HOME funds must be set aside for specific activities to be undertaken by a special type of nonprofit called a Community Housing Development Organization. 


  • A CHDO is a private, nonprofit, community-based service organization that has obtained or intends to obtain staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves.
  • PJs must set aside a minimum of 15 percent of their HOME allocations for housing development activities in which qualified CHDOs are the owners, developers and/or sponsors of the housing. PJs must have a reasonable expectation of specific projects going forward. 


A CHDO is a specific type of private nonprofit entity. CHDOs must meet certain requirements pertaining to their: 

  • Legal status;
  • Organizational structure; and
  • Capacity and experience. 

For more information about applying to be a Polk County CHDO, contact Nancy Hurley, housing compliance manager for the Polk County Housing and Neighborhood Development office at (863) 534-5244, or (863) 534-5240.

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