Land Development Code


The county's Land Development Code is updated bi-annually and all updated and current changes may not be reflected.  

Refer to the bottom of this page to see new ordinances that are in effect, but not yet incorporated into the document. To determine whether a chapter has been updated, refer to the bottom right corner of any page in that chapter to find the revision date. If you need to obtain a copy of the most current Code, call the Land Development Division at (863) 534-6792.

Since the entire Code is a large document, and could take a considerable amount of time to download, it has been divided into sections by chapter.

Code Book

  Complete Code Book (10 mb)
  Table of Contents
  Chapter 1 - General Provisions
  Chapter 2 - Land Use Districts and Regulation  
  Chapter 3 - Conditional Uses
  Chapter 4 - Special Districts  
  Chapter 5 - Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern 
  Chapter 6 - Resource Protection  
  Chapter 7 - Site Development Standard  
  Chapter 8 - Subdivisions
  Chapter 9 - Development Review Procedures  
  Chapter 10 - Definitions 
  Appendix A - Technical Standards Manual 
  Appendix B - Recommended Species List 
  Appendix C - Traffic Impact Study Methodology and Procedures 
  Appendix D - Future Capacity Road Needs    
  Appendix E - Parcel Specific Future Land Use Designation with Conditions  

Newly Adopted Ordinances to the Land Development Code

The ordinances have been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and are effective, unless noted otherwise, but have not yet been incorporated into the Code's chapters (listed above).

Ordinance Number Adopted Effective LDC Case Subject
None at this time


For more information regarding the Code or any of the newly adopted ordinances, contact the Planner-on-call.

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