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Public Hearing Notices

Business Impact Statement

Business Impact Statement


Public Hearing to consider adoption of an ordinance prohibiting smoking and vaping in public parks within unincorporated Polk County.October 3, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.
Summary of the proposed ordinance (must include statement of the public purpose, such as serving the public health, safety, morals, and welfare):It is the intent in enacting this statute, to prohibit smoking and vaping in parks which are used by or open to the public and to prohibit smoking and vaping waste in those areas thereby affirming and promoting a healthy environment in unincorporated Polk County. 
Estimate of direct economic impact of the proposed ordinance on private, for-profit businesses in the county:$0
Estimate of direct compliance costs that businesses may reasonably incur:$0
Any new charge or fee imposed by the proposed ordinance:$0
Estimate of the county’s regulatory costs, including estimated revenues from any new charges or fees to cover such costs: $0
Good faith estimate of the number of businesses likely to be impacted by the proposed ordinance:



Land Use Hearing Office

Board of County Commissioners

Planning Commission

Planned Development/Conditional Use/Sign Variance/LDC Text Amendment/*Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment Hearing Schedule

Pre-App Deadline for Small-Scale CPA (Required)

Application Completion Deadline (1st Thursday)

DRC MeetingRe-Submittal DeadlinePlanning Commission Hearing for Level 3 & 4 Review (1st Wednesday)BoCC Hearing for Level 4 Review
6/22/20228/4/20229/1/20229/15/202211/2/2022Dec. 2022
7/27/20229/1/20229/29/202210/13/202212/7/2022Jan. 2023
8/24/202210/6/202211/3/202211/17/20221/4/2023Feb. 2023
9/28/202211/3/202212/1/202212/15/20222/1/2023Mar. 2023
10/26/202212/1/202212/29/20221/12/20233/1/2023Apr. 2023
11/23/20221/5/20232/2/20232/16/20234/5/2023May 2023


3/2/20233/16/20235/3/2023June 2023
1/25/20233/2/20233/30/20234/13/20236/7/2023July 2023
2/22/20234/6/20234/27/20235/11/20237/12/2023Aug. 2023
3/29/20235/4/20235/25/20236/8/20238/2/2023Sept. 2023
4/26/20236/1/20236/29/20237/13/20239/6/2023Oct. 2023
5/31/20237/6/20237/27/20238/10/202310/4/2023Nov. 2023
6/28/20238/3/20238/31/20239/14/202311/1/2023Dec. 2023
7/26/20239/7/20239/28/202310/12/202312/6/2023Jan. 2024
8/30/202310/5/202310/26/202311/9/20231/3/2024Feb. 2024
9/28/202311/2/202311/30/202312/14/20232/7/2024Mar. 2024
10/26/202312/7/202312/28/20231/11/20243/6/2024Apr. 2024
11/30/20231/4/20241/25/20242/8/20244/3/2024May 2024
12/28/20232/1/20242/29/20243/14/20245/1/2024Jun. 2024
1/25/20243/7/20243/28/20244/11/20246/5/2024Jul. 2024

Date are subject to change.
*As of July 1, 2021, Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendments are less than 50 acres.

2023-2024 Land Use Hearing Officer Schedule

For variances, special exceptions and temporary special exceptions

Application Deadline

(2nd Thursday)

DRC Meeting

(2nd Thursday)

Land Use

Hearing Officer

(4th Thursday)




Date are subject to change. *Land use hearing meets on the 2nd Monday in November 2022 due to Thanksgiving Holiday **Land use hearing meets on the 2nd Tuesday in December 2022 due to the Christmas Holiday

Large Scale Comprehensive Amendment Hearing Schedule


Pre-Application Deadline (Wednesday, 3 PM)

Application DeadlinePlanning Commission HearingBoCC TransmittalBoCC Adoption
A4/26/20236/1/20239/6/202311/7/202301/02/2024 or
02/20/2024 (ACSC)
B7/26/20239/7/202312/6/20232/6/202304/02/2024 or
05/21/2024 (ACSC)
C10/25/202312/7/20233/6/20235/7/202307/02/2024 or
08/20/2024 (ACSC)
D1/24/20243/7/20246/5/20248/6/202410/01/2024 or
12/17/2024 (ACSC)

If the applicant misses their scheduled DRC meeting, the request will be continued to the next meeting. However, all DRC comments must be addressed before the case can be scheduled for hearing. Applications submitted in advance of the deadline may be scheduled for an earlier DRC meeting date.

Based on the 2011 Legislative Session, local governments have been afforded more flexibility with timing of Comprehensive Plan Amendments. If a State, resource is not being impacted than it is anticipated that the State will have a limited role in reviewing the amendment. However, all amendments impacting a state resource including the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern (ACSC) are required to have a full State review.

Pursuant to HB 487 adopted on July 1, 2021, all Comprehensive Plan Amendments less than 50 acres are considered small scale and will only have one hearing before the Board of County Commissioners. Exception: if the property is within in the Green Swamp area of Critical State Concern it will follow the protocol as noted above.

Level 4 BoCC hearing dates are tentative. Scheduling depends on the caseload for the BoCC agenda.

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