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Make Water Safety a Priority

Published on Mar 16, 2021

With hotter days fast approaching, more and more people will be donning their newest swimwear to cool off in the water. Beware. Any water-based activity can turn disastrous in the blink of an eye.

With Polk County Fire Rescue responding to multiple drownings and near-drownings across the county every year, there are some easy steps that everyone can take to keep their water experience fun and safe.

Don't Swim Alone

Swimming alone is never a good idea. While swimming in areas that have lifeguards on duty is the most optimal situation it's not always the case. When no lifeguard is on duty, the buddy system should always be used to keep an eye on one another.

Children should also always be supervised by a vigilant adult when participating in water activities. This rule should not only apply to pools, lakes and other large bodies of water, but also the bathtub as a child can drown in less than in inch of water.

Avoid Pool Drains

There are 5 million inground residential swimming pools in the U.S., with more than 40 percent of them in California and Florida. And all of these pools have drains, which can pose a danger to children. When swimming in pools, swimmers should avoid the drain. Hair, bathing suits, hands and feet have become stuck in broken or faulty drains, which have led to drowning and serious injuries.

Dive Feet First

Serious injury can also be avoided by never diving into a body of water. Always enter feet first to avoid debilitating head and neck injuries. And only dive in designated areas.

During this time of year, the water is a great place to cool off and relax, whether in a pool or lake. But please remember to use caution when around these bodies of water.