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Polk Fire Rescue Grant to Improve Medical Training

Published on Dec 17, 2020

Polk County Fire Rescue is getting a training upgrade with the help of a recently approved $84,000 grant. This new training will assist fire rescue crews by improving intubation skills with the help of new technology.

This grant is part of an annual grant application process to the Florida Department of Health for the purpose of improving and expanding Fire Rescue's pre-hospital EMS system.

With a first-pass intubation success rate of under 80 percent, Polk County Fire Rescue's management sought a way to help improve their personnel's intubation skills. The Rusch® Airtraq™ A-390 WiFi Camera system, which is what the majority of the grant will be used to purchase, will help teach and improve intubation skills through feedback with the training department.

This camera system will offer flexible viewing options to facilitate intubation from any position. It is portable and easy-to-use and the camera is compatible with multiple platforms, allowing Fire Rescue paramedics to share and record real-time high-resolution images and video of their intubations to use for training purposes.