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Polk Watches for New Mosquito Species

Published on Apr 22, 2021

Jackson Mosley keeps a picture on a wall in his office at Polk County’s Mosquito Control Unit of the Aedes scapularis, a new species of mosquito that’s taken up residence in South Florida.

The species was confirmed in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, according to a new study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology.

“I am aware of this species and I look for in our traps,” said Mosley. “I don’t think it is expected to be a major issue here yet. It was found many years ago in Florida and has been listed as a potential mosquito for our area.”

It was last documented in the Florida Keys about 75 years ago, but it hasn’t made it here, just yet. And hopefully never will.

While the mosquito is aggressive and is known to spread yellow fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in its native range, there’s no evidence that it poses any significant risk to people or animals in South Florida.

Mosley said he and his team, which constantly monitor the county’s mosquito populations, will continue to watch for this new species.

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