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Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Reduce Waste

Published on May 17, 2021

As your spring cleaning continues this year, please keep in mind that not everything you encounter in your home is fit for the garbage.

By changing a few cleaning habits, you can help reduce your overall carbon footprint. Check out our tips below:

  • Say “no” to paper towels - Use reusable/washable cloth rags or even better cut up an old t-shirt.
  • Don’t trash your old clothes - While clothes are not for the recycling cart, you have some options. Give your old clothes to someone you know will wear them, drop them off at a thrift store or sell them.
  • Avoid putting things that could go boom, in the trash - Household hazardous wastes (pesticides, paints, fluorescent bulbs, etc.) don’t belong in the garbage. HHWs contain toxic, flammable, corrosive and reactive ingredients. You can avoid potential harm with proper disposal. Look out for an HHW collection event or facility near you. Learn more at
  • Don’t toss your medicines and needles in the garbage - If you have old sharps containers you can take them to a number of Polk County Department of Health locations to dispose of them properly. You may obtain free containers at those same locations. Old medicines can be dropped-off at police stations throughout the County. Proper disposal of these things can keep our waste collectors and community members safe. For more information call (863) 519-8330, or visit