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Bone Valley ATV Park Expansion Underway

Published on Feb 28, 2022

Dense brush and shrubs once dominated the landscape of a 300-acre tract of reclaimed phosphate land that is to become the expansion of Bone Valley ATV Park.

It was so dense, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) imaging couldn’t penetrate the foliage and made planning trails and paths difficult. You couldn’t tell where wetland areas were located.

But last fall, the county’s contractor began to clear the overgrowth and peeled back a hidden landscape that will eventually become a major expansion of the park for ATV riders and campers.

Only a few pieces of heavy equipment litter the landscape, clearing out the few places that remain. For the rest, a cleared floor that’s scattered with palmetto covered by a beautiful canopy. The camping area also has been cleared.

“It’s really coming along now and starting to take shape,” said Recreation Superintendent Derek Harpe. “The next step is to start working with our folks over at Dream Traxx to start planning out our trail system.”

Last year, the park received approval to move ahead with a construction contract to expand onto another 300 acres directly north from its present location. A bridge, which will be built later this year, will connect the two properties.

The contract included the extensive land clearing, general earthwork and revegetation. Now that the vegetation has been removed, the planning of the trails can begin. The new expansion, once opened, will also include camping facilities to make the park a destination for riders and other outdoor enthusiasts.

“We are really pleased with how things are coming together right now,” Harpe added. “This is what we envisioned when we began this process – an inclusive, fun place where you can bring your friends and family to have fun in the outdoors.”

You don’t have to wait for all of this to happen to visit the park. It’s already open. Bone Valley ATV Park is on the south side of County Road 630 and east of State Road 37, south of Mulberry. It is a 200-acre tract of land with 15 trails, hill climbs and free riding areas.

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